Cara Novin Pump Aria



Process Quench water, stripper bottoms, water circulation, cooling tower

Pulp & Paper Primary and secondary cleaner, filtrate, mill water supply, fan pump, shower

Primary Metals Cooling water, quench and leaching

Municipal High lift, low lift, washes water, waste water, raw water

Power Generation Cooling tower, component cooling, service water

Marine Bilge and ballast, cargo, cooling water, fire pump

General River water, brine, sea water, fire-fighting system, water and sewage works.

Pump can be design according to API610 BB1 type service for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries

Operating Data

· Pumps Sizes to DN 1400mm

· Capacities to Q 20000m3/h

· Heads to H 230m

· Temperatures to T +105t

· Operating Pressure to P 30bar


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